Charcoal Mask & Pack I Am Using

So charcoal mask is the newest hype in the beauty world! Almost every day we see those ad online where someone peeling off those charcoal masks of their face while pulling off those stubborn white heads, black heads and all the dirt and debris! To be honest I find those videos quite satisfying! ♥ But to tell the truth, you can achieve the “pulling off unwanted stuff” effect just the same with other things like gelatin or egg white. But the advantage of any ready-made pack or mask is you do not need any preparation there. Just take the amount from the tube and apply directly. These days have been busy, and hardly I find any time for taking care of myself. So, most of the times, I rely on store bought masks. Also the reputation of Korean skin care products helped me made my decision to give them a try.


The first charcoal mask/pack I ever used was from Freemen, Charcoal & Black Sugar Polishing Mask. I bought this one from Mustafa Centre, Singapore. The price was  5.6SG$. The texture of the mask is like a regular scrubber with tiny exfoliators. The instruction in the packet says to put it in damp face for 5/6 minutes and to massage slowly afterwards. Though if I’m running late, sometimes I keep it for like 2 minutes. And I still find it quite efficient as of 5/6 minutes time. The mask really does some good cleansing, specially for clearing out the dead cells and skin. For me, it is such a good scrubber. But, it doesn’t fully clears out the white heads and black heads from the root. But if you need a quick cleansing before going somewhere, this one is such a good option. I would recommend to use a moisturizer afterwards as it dries your skin out like any scrubber. I usually use it 1 or 2 times a week.

Next one is from Coibana, Nasnon Charcoal Pore Clear Pack. This one is a peel off pack. It has a gel texture. This pack does a better a job of clearing black and white heads than the Freemen mask, but honestly I believe with a gelatin mask you get the best result. But most of the gelatin contains pork fat, and because of being a Muslim, it’s not allowed for me. Halal gelatin are not always available and also they are quite expensive. Like for 30 grams, you have to pay nearly 3.5$. I bought this pack on sale, it was a 1+1 offer in 9$. So, you see this was quite budget friendly offer! The instructions in the pack says to keep the mask for 20~30 minutes in a damp cleaned face and to peel it off afterwards. If you want better action try to make a thick layer while applying, but keep in mind that it would take more time to get dry. When I first applied three days ago, I created a thin layer and it dried within 30 minutes. But, the pack was only able to take the top of  the white and black heads. Last night I applied a thick layer, while it did pull off some of the white and black heads from the root, it took nearly 45 minutes to dry.

If you closely look at the pictures, you will see tiny white dots in the peeled off mask in my fingers. It definitely doesn’t work the way as they show it on those online/ TV ads. But still I think it does a good job.

Hope you enjoyed the post!

-Munira Chowdhury, 31/10/2017


Review: Take me to Brazil palette by BH Cosmetics

Hello everyone! I hope you had a great Saturday with friends and family, drinking and eating the best and still the great vibe is going on! As for me, after so many weeks my husband and I are staying the full weekend in house doing almost nothing and to be honest I kinda enjoying that 😄 Not everyday you get the chance to sit idly with your loved one and to me it’s one great opportunity.

Anyways, as I mentioned in my one post few days ago, My husband went to a conference couple weeks ago. He went for 4 days so I was home alone and as a penalty for leaving me here, he bought me a palette from BH cosmetics😍 Guess which one is that 😉 Yup, TAKE ME TO BRAZIL!!!! I first saw that one in Amazon, and I loved it the very first time I saw it. So when he asked me which palette I want, I immediately responded with take me to Brazil palette 😘

The palette has a combination of 30 vibrant and bright colors that are bound to remind you of a colorful Brazil festival. As we took it from Amazon with shipping it cost us a total of 34000 KW.  All the colors are really pigmented but you need the right brush because with the wrong one they may look like less pigmented. So, while putting them on the lids try using a flat eyebrow brush or your fingers will work just fine. And while putting them on your crease line try to use a blending brush which is not too fluffy or stretchy. The palette has the color combination just perfect for any occasion. You will find red, green, yellow, blue, purple everything in one palette. But if you are a fan of nude makeup, you totally should avoid this one 😁😁

Here’s a look of the palette and my pictures of trying it:



As you can see even on my brown skin they are shining like hell 😝😝

As you already know I have a small youtube channel, where I sometimes post makeup tutorials, I posted there a video of me using this palette 😜 So you can watch me using this palette 😃 And here’s the link:

This video also contain the full makeup routine of the picture above and details of the product is listed on the description box.

Have a happy holiday, people 😅


Munira Chowdhury, 23/07/17

Review: Elizabeth Arden eye & lip beauty perfection 

So, yesterday my husband was coming back from a conference in Jeju, and he suddenly called me from airport. He was at a duty free shop then and asking if I want something. I was like, wow, really! Since when my husband became so concern about makeup and stuff! He was roaming around the shops and telling me all the available brands, and what I want from them. Hearing all the brands I kinda got confused and couldn’t decide what I need. So, I totally let him decide saying just pick some eyeshadow.

And guess what he chose! Yup, Elizabeth Arden Eye & Lip Beauty Perfection! To be honest, I never really used anything from that brand, so I was really excited this morning when I was using it for the first time. Here’s a look of the palette:

So, it is a combination of eye and lip palette. It contains 5 creamy eye shadows & 4 lip glosses. The colors are perfect for a nude makeup or nude look. The shades are creamy, so they are not like the regular eye shadow. But they come easily in the brush and also they are pigmented in a good way. So are the glosses. But as the eye shadows are creamy it may mess in your crease line few hours later, so I will suggest to set them with a tiny bit of translucent powder or shiny eye shadow. The total cost was 33$.

So, enough talking, let’s take a look what it actually looks when you use it!

Just as I mentioned, perfect for nude makeup^^

Let me know about your thoughts of the palette, whether you used it, or if you like it or not ^_^

Hope you enjoyed the post!

Munira Chowdhury, 07/07/17

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Coibana Nasnon viva lipstick Review

Recently I came to know about this brand, Coibana, while browsing through famous online shopping site here, G market. I was not sure about buying them but then I saw there’s a sale (lol) snd also the color was really nice. There was an 1+1 offer from three colors: Red, Pink & Orange. I took red and pink one, named Daring Red & Lively Pink. 

Actual price was 82,000KW, while the sale price is only 10,000. Now, you understand why I had to try them, lol 😉 The package is good and they have a nice mild smell.

You can see from the swatch, the colors are pretty nice. Most importantly they stay for quite a long time. More than 4-5 hours without reapplying, even you eat in between. Highly recommended!

Munira Chowdhury, 14/05/17

First shopping from Nature Republic 

Where there is a sale, you will find me always! Ha ha! So, two days ago, I was roaming around the mart, and saw a sale going on in Nature Republic. I never bought anything from them. So, just out of curiosity, I thought of give it a try. 

So, here goes the review:

Air Skin Fit Blur Pact: I broke my compact two days ago, so I had to buy one. There are two shades, I took shade number 2, the darker one, because of my brown skin. The package is good. Though they say it’s the darker one, still it’s pretty bright for me. It’s a nice compact powder but the sad thing is they didn’t provide any nice cushion puff. It’s too hard and you will surely feel a discomfort while using it to apply the compact on your face. The price was less than 13000KW. Can’t remember the exact one, sorry.

Stick Highlighter: I like this one so much! It’s just has the perfect texture of a stick highlighter, really get set on your face and easy to apply too! Price was 5600KW. A bad thing about this ones packaging is it has a plastic lid which often cause disturbance llike falling down when you open the cap of the stick. They could’ve stick the lid with the cap, so it doesn’t come out every time somebody opens it.

Pure Shine Melting Tint: I can’t remember the exact price price of this one either. Should be less than 4000 won. This one got a nice flavor, a melting texture and stays on the lips for a very long time. I love the color so much. But there’s another thing about this tint. It doesn’t have a system, where you rotate the lipstick in a direction and the part on the bottom comes up and vice versa. But a pen like system where you push the button and it keeps coming out. And here comes the problem, once you press the button it just comes out from bottom but doesn’t have a system to lower it down again. So, if you don’t know it before buying, you’re screwed like me. I kinda ruined it pushing the button so much and can’t lower it down now.

All the prices mentioned here are sale price. Here’s a pic, where I used all three, so you could see how they work!

Munira Chowdhury, 14.05.17

It’s skin 5 facewash in 5000KW offer!

Hi lovelies! Hope you are all doing good! So couple months ago there was an offer going on in It’s Skin, where they offered 5 pieces of different flavored facewash in just 5000KW. Just at that time, I was running out of facewash, so I went to the store to get one.

My Korean is not that good. So, when I saw facewash in 5000 I actually thought it would be just for one. Then I got close, and saw 5pieces are wrapped together. I couldn’t even believed my eyes, so to be sure, I asked the sales lady again. Well, when she assured me, I didn’t hesitate any more to buy one, lol :p

Now the review part: 

Well, I have always been a fan of It’s skins products. They always suit me. Now when you buy 5facewashes in this less prices, surely you have to give them full marks on the price. Anyways, you don’t need five of them at once. So, I only opened the first one, “Have a ORANGE”. It really has a nice orange flavor, which I like very much. It is creamy and creates a lot of foams. This is very mild, so if you need something harsh I would not suggest it to you. Specially on summer time, after two hours, your face may feel kinda oily if you are just sitting in your room without an air conditioning system. But not that oily, just a bit. Though while using the first time when I bought it, during winter it felt like my face is drying out a bit too soon after using. Well, my skin is really sensitive, so it’s nothing serious. 

So, if you are looking for something really mild and foamy facewash, you should definitely go for it. 🙂

Munira Chowdhury, 14/05/17

Easy violet eyes tutorial with Pony Memebox

So, this valentines’s day, my husband was like, “I’m going to buy you whatever you wish, just name it!” What a great chance to make your husband poor in a minute, huh! But, as I am a good wife, who knows she shouldn’t spend much of her husband’s money, so I took just an eye shadow palette from the outlet of Love, Health & Beauty near Pusan National University. (Be proud of your wife, dear husband! 😉 ) So, the palette is Pony Memebox Shine Easy Glam Eyeshadow Palette. This is a collaboration of the Memebox company with the famous beauty vlogger of Korea, Pony. So, there comes the name Pony Memebox. 🙂

While, thinking about giving a review, I felt like why don’t make a tutorial? So, people can watch me using the palette live and this will give a fair idea about the palette. 😀 So, here’s the tutorial:

Some thoughts about the palette:

It kinda felt like powdery, they surely could’ve done better. And they need to work on  the pigmentation a little more. May be I will use it when I do not want much color or coverage. The package was nice. But there was no brush. Anyways, the palette is okay. I will rate it 7 out of 10. By the way, it costed us 20,000 KRW. Which was on sale price, actual price may be 30,000 KRW.

About the tutorial, I listed all of the products I used, but still if you need to know anything feel free to ask. This a light smokey eye, but it’s perfect for both day and a night out!

I hope you would enjoy the post! Have a nice start of the week, people!

Munira Chowdhury, 20/03/17