Valentine’s day 2018 in Korea: outfit and makeup idea

Hello everyone! Although my today’s post is for ladies, but I wish you boys a wonderful valentine’s day with your loved one’s! So, in this post I have two makeup tutorials and one outfit suggestion for you. The outfit suggestion is even more suitable if you live in Korea.

The first makeup tutorial is a peach makeup, which is a halo eye makeup using the color combination of the fruit(peach).

For this makeup I used the following products-

-MAC Cosmetics #prepplusprime
-maccosmetics #studiofixfluid foundation #nc42
-maccosmetics #studiofixpowder #mediumtan
-MISSHA 미샤 pro touch face powder no 23
-missha.official under eye brightening concealer in natural biege
-missha.official perfect concealer in natural
-missha.official colorbeam shader in crystal
-missha.official the style liquid sharp eyeliner
-missha.official salon de lash

-eBay eyelash
-Makeup Revolution ultra contour palette
-It’s skin 잇츠스킨 babyface petit mascara
-itsskin.socialog babyface creamy lip liner 01
-itsskin.socialog life color lip crush matte 04, 03
-토니모리 – Tonymoly cheektone powder p05
-tonymoly.official lovely eyebrow pencil
-BH Cosmetics #takemetobrazilpalette
-CATRICE cosmetics ultra black luxury lashes volume mascara

You can find the tutorial here-

For this makeup I chose a different outfit, modern hanbok or modern version of traditional Korean clothes.

I bought this dress from Gmarket. Actually it was a surprise gift from my husband, not sure about the price but should be around 40,000KW.

The second tutorial is about easy and classy smoky eyes. So, long I’ve been busy with creating halo eyes or cut crease, I forgot my first love, which is smoky eyes! ♥

This tutorial is only about eye makeup and here’s the list of the products I used-

-Beauty Glazed glitz glam eyeshadow collection
-MISSHA 미샤 color beam shader incrystal
-Missha salon de lash glue
-더페이스샵 (THEFACESHOP) pencil eyeliner in newyork black
-It’s skin 잇츠스킨 babyface petit mascara
-eyelash form eBay

And here’s the link of the tutorial-

This palette that I used here, is also a gift from my husband, Beauty Glazed glitz glam eyeshadow palette which is the dupe for the palette with same name by Glamierre. I was literally speechless by these gifts from him, I had no idea my husband can choose makeup palette or dress (specially when it is a hanbok) for me, all by himself. This man keeps making me falling on love with him more! ♥ Although the palette is a dupe, and a lot cheaper than the real one, but it’s quite pigmented and easy to work with. You may notice some fall out but you can easily swipe them off with a brush!

Hope you enjoyed the post!

Munira Chowdhury, 14/02/2018


Handmade jewelry: How to make, what you need, and where you can find jewelry making supplies in Korea

Hello everyone! Hope you guys had an amazing weekend! To brighten up your Monday here I am with something I am obsessed nowadays, which is jewelry! 😆 I guess most of the women have a thing about jewelry. I usually buy a lot of lockets whenever there’s a sale in the nearby marts. But being a South Asian girl, I am more into heavy jewelry set with tiara/tikli kinda head-wear, layered earring etc. than single locket or earring. So, I was searching thorough ebay, the cheap ones there are not that good looking, and I would rather kill myself than to buy something out of my budget. Lol 😂😂😂 Yup, I am a scrooge, I know 😎

So, I was searching for the alternate, and suddenly I remembered my Lab-mate’s sister often makes small jewelries, for her class projects, so may be it would be available somewhere nearby. But I always have a busy schedule and a big fan of online shopping because of the fact that they send those things just in front of your door. So I searched in G market, one of the biggest online shopping site in Korea. And guess what, there’s a varieties of options! From copper wire, elastic wire, beads (from size 4mm to 10mm), even stones of different sizes and colors are available. So I placed my order two times! Because I didn’t realize at first how much I need and so the first supplies were a little  short. Anyways, the seller was really responsible and I received the package within 24 hours. Here’s what I made:

For the round disks in the middle of the earrings and tiara I used the copper wire. But in the necklace, I used one of my old bangles. For the pearl string I used a thick thread from Diaso. And in the middle to hold the 10mm beads, I used glue. I bought the glue gun from Diaso. The finishing was not really as good as professional though. But it was ok for me lol 😉 The necklace ends could be joined with a necklace hook, which is also available in G market. But as this was my first time and there were 7 layers, I couldn’t find a better way of putting a hook without making a mess lol 😂 I used a stud earring of a small pearl to hold the round disk first and then I attached the layer of strings later.

Beads/ stones, wires are sold in set/ singly depending on the size. The price range is in between 1000KW. Here’s another picture:

I had to use around 1200 of 4mm beads, around 500 of 6mm beads, and around 60 of 10mm beads. I used around 20 cubic ziroconia of 5mm, 70 of 2mm. One wire bundle is more than you need to make one complete set 🙂

Hope you enjoyed the post! Let me know of your thoughts! ♥

Munira Chowdhury, 06/11/2017

Three ways to do eyeliner


Not sure about everyone, but my favorite part of the makeup is eyeliner! ❤ Specially winged eyeliner. Learning how to apply eyeliner was not really easy for me, but I never stopped practicing. I had an advantage, which was I started practicing eyeliner with a liquid eyeliner. So, no matter how messy it got at first, but with time I learned it all. The fact about applying eyeliner is, it can smell your fear. So, always be calm and steady. Anyways, today I’m going to show you three ways to do your eyeliner with wings. Though in this tutorial, I will use a pen eyeliner, if you want to see with a liquid eyeliner or gel eyeliner, please check my other tutorials. I will post a link to my channel below, for your convenience. 🙂

This tutorial includes the following types:

1.Upper lash line eyeliner with inner and outer wing
2.Upper & lower lash line eyeliner with connecting inner and outer wing
3. Upper & lower lash line eyeliner with double wings

So, here’s the tutorial:


The eyeliner is from It’s skin, it’s top professional no smudge professional eyeliner. I used a pen eyeliner because it falls into my everyday makeup category, so for convenience and quick finishing, I used a pen eyeliner. The eyeliner is great, no doubt, but the tip is not thin enough, so you gotta be careful about that. :/

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial, let me know of your thoughts!

-Munira Chowdhury, 11/10/2017

Red festive eye makeup tutorial

Hey there! I hope you all are doing great! So, last friday I made this tutorial of a red festive eyes and also with full coverage base makeup routine. After Eid period is the peak wedding seasons in Bangladesh, so I though of making a tutorial that would be helpful for this occasion. This look is most specially for suitable for mehendi night/ গায়ে হলুদ, but you can also use this look for other parties. ❤

So, here’s the list of the products used:

  • missha.official layer blurring long lasting primer
  • maxfactor ageless elixir
  • lacolor liquid makeup
  • tonymoly.official spoiler oil control powder
  • catrice all round concealer
  • missha.official perfect concealer
  • beautytreatsla 130 color palette
  • thefaceshop.official single eyeshadow
  • beautytreatsla strobing highlighter palette
  • missha.official sharp eyeliner
  • tonymoly.official lovely eyebrow pencil
  • tonymoly.official pikachu color mascara
  • tonymoly.official false lashes no 10
  • tonymoly.official perfect lips flat bar

I have to use most of the times, two foundations together. :/ Well, that’s what happens when you have brown skin. Another important thing is, I recently started using #Beauty_Treats_Strobing_Highlighter palette. This palette is literally a bomb! Cost me only 10,300 KW with shipping. The palette contains 6 highlighters in total, being three of each creamy and powdery. And I don’t use any fancy products, I am just a poor researcher in Korea, who can’t afford to buy international brands in Korea with those excessive vats. lol :p

And, here’s the tutorial link:


I recently bought a new camera, which really helped me with the resolution, but when I was editing this video, I didn’t know how to use zoom option in premiere pro. 😦 But I am getting better, I promise! I just posted a video on Sunday, and I swear the quality is much better this time.

I hope you would enjoy the tutorial! x x x

Munira Chowdhury, 05/07/17


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My Eid special makeup bundle: my youtube channel special

Hello everyone! I hope you all are okay! As you already know, I have a youtube channel now. And for Eid occasion, I posted some of special tutorials there. Though I shared the the first one here, but I due to research related pressure, I was not able to share the others. 😦 And I apologize for that 😦 Though the main Eid day is over, but it says the occasion of eid remains for 7 days, so I am hoping that I am not too late, and that they will help your makeup for the remaining 6 days!

Before starting, I just want you to give a reminder that, as I live in Korea, most of the products I used or mentioned here on my blog, or on my youtube tutorials are Korean. But I am sure you will be able to find similar one in other brands.

I am starting with the second one which is a Glitter half cut crease eye makeup with the trick of changing the foundation tone with a yellow food color.

This will be helpful for girls who have yellow undertone and can’t find a proper shade of foundation in Korea, as Korean foundations are too bright. Specially, women from South Asia. Though I didn’t show the base makeup part here, please check my other videos for that! And here’s the list of the products used:

Foundation: Missha m radiance foundation
Food color: Yellow food color from Bread Garden

Eye makeup:

Pony memebox easy shine glam 2
Beauty Treats 130 color palette
Faceshop single eyeshadow
Missha sharp eyeliner
Tonymoly pikachu color mascara
Tonymoly lashes
Tonymoly gel eyeliner

Next one is a Red-Golden smoky eye, with full coverage base makeup routine.


Well, this is kinda heavy makeup, compared to the others! So, this is specially suitable for wedding parties, that we are invited to, after Eid. I think I never mentioned, but after Eid period is the wedding season for most of the parts of South Asia. As most of the weddings are very colorful there, I hope it would be very helpful for them. 🙂 List of the products used are given below:

Missha.official layer blurring pore cover primer
Lagirlcosmetics hd concealer
Etude_official double lasting foundation
Missha.official perfect concealer
Bennyemakeup banana powder
Tonymoly.official lovely eyebrows pencil
Tonymoly.official cheektone contour duo
Tonymoly.official cheektone powder
Its skin babyface highlighter
Thefaceshop.official single eyeshadow
Missha.official triple eyeshadow
Lagirlcosmetics smoky collection
Club.clio oeripera wholly deep jewel pot
Tonymoly.official gel eyeliner
Tonymoly.official pikachu color mascara
Tonymoly.official eyelashes
Tonymoly.official flat lip bar

Now the last one! This is requested by two of my best friends, who are new to makeup. So, they requested a beginner makeup tutorial from me.


So, this is eid special tutorials for eid. I tried to explain each of the makeup steps of my makeup here. But if there’s anything you do not understand, please ask me, I’m always here to answer. 🙂

Products used are:

Etude house fix and fix primer
Etude house double lasting foundation
Missha perfect concealer
Catrice all round concealer
Ben nye luxury powder
Tonymoly lovely eyebrow pencil
Missha color beam shader
Tonymoly cheektone powder
Beauty treats strobing highlighter palette
Beauty treats 130 color palette
Missha sharp eyeliner
Missha 4d mascara
Tonymoly lashes no 08
Technic lip liner
Coibana nasnon lipstick

So, that was all from my eid makeup bundle. I hope you would enjoy the tutorial. And please, please, please like my tutorials and subscribe to my channel! ❤

Munira Chowdhury, 26/06/17



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Dramatic eyeliner tutorial: Eid 2017 special

Well, not most of us gets enough time for a lengthy eid special eye makeup and etc., because on a eid day most of the houses become full with guests. Specially, when you live in a muslim country, things get a lot difficult. The women of the house have to make all the delicious dishes for the family and guests, they have to clean the house and stuff, also they need to look after the kids and elderly of the family. So, little time they do get, to get ready or doing makeup. So, thinking about that, I made this tutorial, specially for those busy lady of the family, a quick, easy and classy look.

Here’s the final look!


Well, more like a double eyeliner, with a twist at inner corner. 😀 Here’s the list of the products used:

  1. Missha layer blurring pore cover primer
  2. L A Girl hd concealer
  3. Etude house double lasting foundation
  4. Catrice all round concealer
  5. Missha perfect concealer
  6. Ben nye luxury powder
  7. Tonymoly lovely eyebrow pencil
  8. Nature republic stick highlighter
  9. Tony moly cheektone contour duo
  10. Tony moly cheektone powder
  11. Tony moly cheektone highlighter
  12. Coibana nanson lipstick
  13. Club clio peripera wholly deep jewel pot
  14. Missha sharp eyeliner
  15. Tony moly gel eyeliner
  16. Tony moly lashes
  17. Missha 4d mascara

Let’s stop talking and start the tutorial!


I hope you would enjoy the tutorial. If you do, please don’t forget to like and subscribe to my channel!

Munira Chowdhury, 08/06/2017

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Blue & bronze halo eye tutorial <3

Hello everyone! How are you all? I know, I am not that much regular now, as I was used to before, but every time I open my wordpress account, I get lots of notification of your love and support toward my blog! Thanks a bunch for that! Actually, I am in my 3rd semester now, so there’s a lot of pressure going on regarding my research and thesis preparation. Little time I get for my blog and etc. Even I have a youtube channel, in which I am not so regular, either. And the past few weeks have been a disaster, there’s lots of questions and confusion, so to forget everything for a while, I came to meet with you lovely people!

Being a bengali girl, we get lot of opportunities for celebration throughout the year. The most colorful of which is 1st day of Bengali new year or PAHELA BOISHAKH (পহেলা বৈশাখ), which is celebrated in 14th April.

Bengali new year was first introduced by Mughal emperor Akbar, to time the tax year to the harvest. Unlike english calendar, bengali new year begins with the first sunrise of the day. Significant places in different cities around the country arranges different programs.  The common tradition of this day is wearing white and red combo dresses. And the traditional food for the day is watery rice, smashed vegetables or lentils and hilsha fish fry.

So, thinking about the occasion, I was planning for making a new tutorial. But as I’ve mentioned before, I am too busy now-a-days. Although I filmed the tutorial before 14th April, but the editing and other process took me a while to upload it. So, I couldn’t upload it in time, but it’s still okay. Makeup tutorials are always handy, lol 😉 So, the new thing about this tutorial is, I did a halo eyes tutorial for the first time. I am working on make my editing more better, though the lighting still needs to be improved a lot. 😦 Make sure to allow subtitles to get the name of the products below. To get a review of the products, please check my previous blogs.

I hope you will enjoy the video. If you do, please don’t forget to like and subscribe!

Munira Chowdhury, 19/04/17