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Blue & bronze halo eye tutorial <3

Hello everyone! How are you all? I know, I am not that much regular now, as I was used to before, but every time I open my wordpress account, I get lots of notification of your love and support toward my blog! Thanks a bunch for that! Actually, I am in my 3rd semester now, so there’s a lot of pressure going on regarding my research and thesis preparation. Little time I get for my blog and etc. Even I have a youtube channel, in which I am not so regular, either. And the past few weeks have been a disaster, there’s lots of questions and confusion, so to forget everything for a while, I came to meet with you lovely people!

Being a bengali girl, we get lot of opportunities for celebration throughout the year. The most colorful of which is 1st day of Bengali new year or PAHELA BOISHAKH (পহেলা বৈশাখ), which is celebrated in 14th April.

Bengali new year was first introduced by Mughal emperor Akbar, to time the tax year to the harvest. Unlike english calendar, bengali new year begins with the first sunrise of the day. Significant places in different cities around the country arranges different programs.  The common tradition of this day is wearing white and red combo dresses. And the traditional food for the day is watery rice, smashed vegetables or lentils and hilsha fish fry.

So, thinking about the occasion, I was planning for making a new tutorial. But as I’ve mentioned before, I am too busy now-a-days. Although I filmed the tutorial before 14th April, but the editing and other process took me a while to upload it. So, I couldn’t upload it in time, but it’s still okay. Makeup tutorials are always handy, lol 😉 So, the new thing about this tutorial is, I did a halo eyes tutorial for the first time. I am working on make my editing more better, though the lighting still needs to be improved a lot. 😦 Make sure to allow subtitles to get the name of the products below. To get a review of the products, please check my previous blogs.

I hope you will enjoy the video. If you do, please don’t forget to like and subscribe!

Munira Chowdhury, 19/04/17

Easy violet eyes tutorial with Pony Memebox

So, this valentines’s day, my husband was like, “I’m going to buy you whatever you wish, just name it!” What a great chance to make your husband poor in a minute, huh! But, as I am a good wife, who knows she shouldn’t spend much of her husband’s money, so I took just an eye shadow palette from the outlet of Love, Health & Beauty near Pusan National University. (Be proud of your wife, dear husband! 😉 ) So, the palette is Pony Memebox Shine Easy Glam Eyeshadow Palette. This is a collaboration of the Memebox company with the famous beauty vlogger of Korea, Pony. So, there comes the name Pony Memebox. 🙂

While, thinking about giving a review, I felt like why don’t make a tutorial? So, people can watch me using the palette live and this will give a fair idea about the palette. 😀 So, here’s the tutorial:

Some thoughts about the palette:

It kinda felt like powdery, they surely could’ve done better. And they need to work on  the pigmentation a little more. May be I will use it when I do not want much color or coverage. The package was nice. But there was no brush. Anyways, the palette is okay. I will rate it 7 out of 10. By the way, it costed us 20,000 KRW. Which was on sale price, actual price may be 30,000 KRW.

About the tutorial, I listed all of the products I used, but still if you need to know anything feel free to ask. This a light smokey eye, but it’s perfect for both day and a night out!

I hope you would enjoy the post! Have a nice start of the week, people!

Munira Chowdhury, 20/03/17

Get ready with me: Rose Gold Eye Makeup

So, few days ago I made another tutorial. This time, I tried to create a rose gold eye makeup. The look is quite gorgeous but still pretty easy! Let’s take a look at how it came out:

Unedited 😉

And here’s the list of the products I used:

For moisturizing:

  • It’s skin sensitive watery solution cream

Base makeup:

  1. Missha long lasting layer blurring primer
  2. L A girl color corrector
  3. Missha M radiance foundation + Catrice even skin tone
  4. Catrice all round concealer
  5. Ben Nye banana powder
  6. It’s skin babyface petit pact


  1. Missha perfect concealer
  2. Olive farm eyebrow pencil
  3. Etude house my little nut
  4. L A Girl smoky eyeshadow collection
  5. Club clio peripera wholly deep jewel pot
  6. Tony moly dual stamp eyeliner
  7. Missha 4d mascara
  8. Tony moly for styling lashes no 11

Contouring & Highlight: 

  1. Missha colorbeam shader
  2. Tony moly cheektone duo highlighter


  • Tonymoly cheektone powder


  • Huda beauty: video star

And finally, here’s the tutorial:


I hope you would enjoy the tutorial. Have a nice day, people!

Munira Chowdhury, 07/02/17



Tutorial: How to make your eyes look bigger and more expressive

So, one of my friend had requested me to make a tutorial about making eyes look bigger with makeup. So, I filmed a tutorial yesterday and here’s the link:

Though I mentioned almost everything there but let’s take a look again at the tricks and tips on how to make your eyes look bigger & more expressive with makeup:

  • The golden rule: When you want your eyes to be focused always use a light color lipstick.
  • Eyeshadow basic: Dark color on crease area and bright color over lids. And by bright I mean something really shiny.
  • When drawing eyeliner, never joint lower and upper lash lines in both the corner of your eyes.Rather leave a gap, and spread them outward. That way, you don’t create an boundary of your eye but create an illusion.
  • Always use a white eye pencil or nude color on water line of your eyes. That makes the white portion of our eyes more extended and thus makes your eyes look bigger.
  • Put some white color on inner corner of your eyes, if you want them to pop! 😉
  • Never wear mascara without curling your lashes when you want your eyes to be expressive. Because it opens up your eyes! ❤

So, that’s all about the tricks and tips. And let’s take a look, what happens when you follow them:


As you can see, quite a difference!

I didn’t add any details about my base makeup in the tutorial so I’m adding it here, for your convenience:


  1. Missha m radiance foundation , Max Factor ageless elixir & L A Color liquid makeup
  2. Ben Nye banana powder
  3. It’s skin babyface petit pact
  4. Catrice sun glow matt bronzer
  5. Tony moly cheektone powder (blusher)
  6. Tony moly luminous  goddess aura  crystal light highlighter (Bronzing Glam)
  7. Tony moly cheektone duo highlighter

Eyes: (Though they were mentioned on the tutorial 😛 )

  1. Etude House my little nut (My red little nut) palette
  2. Missha Super  super black brush pen eyeliner
  3. Missha 4d mascara
  4. Tony moly cheektone duo highlighter
  5. Tony moly for styling lashes no 11


  1. Jordana lip liner (L13 Pink)
  2. La-femme matte lipstick (no 321)

And here’s a picture of final look:


By the way, never forget to use a combination of toner+ moisturizer+ sunscreen before beginning your makeup!

So, that’s all about today! Bye!!

Munira Chowdhury, 16/01/17

Super Easy Black Smokey eye

Hey everyone! Just uploaded my new tutorial last night! So, this time I did a basic smokey eye, which is the very basic one. I mean the one with smudging the eyeliner. 🙂

For this look, I used Tony moly gel eye liner, L A Girl smokey eye shadow collection and Tony moly natural long lashes no 6.

I didn’t add any details about my base makeup but if you wanna know about that please let me know. 🙂

Hope you would enjoy the post 🙂

Munira Chowdhury, 03/01/2017

Day time soft smokey eye

So winter is here in Busan, and we are all freezing here lol 😛 But that’s not gonna stop us from trying out new makeup styles! So, yesterday I tried this soft smokey eye; soft, because it was a day time look, and day time makeup means soft and neat.

As you guys already know, I started my own youtube channel, so I thought of filming the makeup. As you already know, my previous tutorial only highlighted the base makeup part, this time I tried to focus on my eyes.

And here’s how the whole look came out:

I have always loved the combo of smokey eye and nude lips, makes people to notice your eyes even more!

So, let’s just stop talking and get to the tutorial:

I hope you will enjoy! If you like it please give me a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe!

Bye ❤

Full coverage makeup tutorial : Introducing my new youtube channel

I have no idea why, but waking up in the morning few days ago, for no reason at all, I felt like I have to do a tutorial. For a long time, so many of my friends are asking me for a full coverage tutorial, so I thought I should give that a try!

Like I said before, my room has a weird lighting system, you may feel like a fluctuations of color and darkness lol :P. So, for clarification I’ve added a photo taken at outside in day light. 🙂

I tried to show the products before using in the video, but  checking out the video later I felt like, some of them were not clearly visible. So, I am adding the full list of the products I used:  🙂

  1. It’s skin Hyaluronic acid toner + moisturizer
  2. It’s skin sunscreen
  3. Missha layer blurring pore cover primer
  4. Catrice all round concealer
  5. Catrice even skin tone foundation + Max factor ageless elixir 2 in 1 foundation
  6. Canmake color mixing concealer
  7. It’s skin baby face petit pact
  8. Skin food loose powder
  9. Missha super black pen eye liner
  10. Olive farm eye brow pencil
  11. It’s skin power perfect exotic mascara
  12. Tony moly cheektone highlighter duo
  13. Catrice sun glow matt bronzer
  14. Technic blusher
  15. Lipstick : Tony moly spoiler + Missha Cushion crayon lip

And, here’s the tutorial:

So, this is my first youtube tutorial, and that’s my very own channel! If you enjoy the video, please give me a thumbs up and so subscribe!

Have a happy sunday! ❤

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