4 ingredients cheese cake recipe

Hey everyone, hope you guys are having an wonderful weekend! ♥ So few days ago, I experimented with my new adjustable baking mold by making a cheese cake. I posted the picture in my facebook page and there I got plenty of requests for the recipe. So here I’m, writing it finally! 😄

First of all, you will need a adjustable baking mold (I used a 6″ one). Mine was a gift, from my elder sister when I went to Bangladesh.

Second, you will need the following items-

-200 grams of Philadelphia cream cheese (bought from Gmarket)

-1 cup fresh cream (bought from NC mart near Pusan National University)

-1/2 cup granular sugar (available everywhere!)

-Sable cookies, I had to use 5 of 35 grams packets of these cookies (Available in NC mart. whole packet is 315 grams, total 9 small packets of 35 grams each )


1. Crumble the cookies finely. Now press them on the bottom of the pan with the bottom of any heavy cup or jar. Now, bake these crumbs on the pan for 4 minutes at 200°C.

2. Take a heavy bottom dish and beat cream cheese, fresh cream and sugar altogether until thick and stiff.

3. Put this mixture on the baking mold. Cover the pan with something and keep this in the refrigerator for at least 8 hours.

After 8 hours, take it out from the freezer. Loosen up the mold from sides and take it out in a upward way carefully. Your cheese cake is ready to serve! You can also sprinkle some cocoa powder on top of it and then serve it like I did. 😊

Here’s the final picture of my cheese cake ♥

Hope you enjoyed the post! Let me know your thoughts about it! ♥

Munira Chowdhury, 04/02/2018


Makeover on other people

Sometimes people believe in yourself more than you do, and that’s when you can truly realize your potential. ❤ sharing my experience of doing makeup on friends and families ❤

A Messy World

Although I consider myself a MUA, but I learned every little thing about makeup practicing on myself. So, whenever someone asked me if I could do a makeover on them, I was not really sure at first if I could do it at all, because I never had any idea what it’s like to put foundations or eyeshadows on other people. But sometimes people believe in yourself more than you do, and that’s when you can truly realize your potential. ❤ My labmates (female) always told that “you should do a makeover on us sometimes”. But, as mentioned before, I never really understand my potential, and always thought they weren’t really serious about it. But few months ago, when they asked me again, I finally understood they were actually serious. So, at the end of december we fixed a convenient date and that was the first time ever I did…

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Makeover on other people

Although I consider myself a MUA, but I learned every little thing about makeup practicing on myself. So, whenever someone asked me if I could do a makeover on them, I was not really sure at first if I could do it at all, because I never had any idea what it’s like to put foundations or eyeshadows on other people. But sometimes people believe in yourself more than you do, and that’s when you can truly realize your potential. ❤ My labmates (female) always told that “you should do a makeover on us sometimes”. But, as mentioned before, I never really understand my potential, and always thought they weren’t really serious about it. But few months ago, when they asked me again, I finally understood they were actually serious. So, at the end of december we fixed a convenient date and that was the first time ever I did makeover on other people.

Korean makeup has some completely different features and styles than what we usually see in the western makeup industry. Although I’m from Southern part of Asia, but in our country, like most part of the world we usually try to follow the western makeup style. But, here in Korea they already established their own makeup style. Few of the Korean unique makeup features are:

  • Pale base to make the makeup look natural. They usually use hands while applying base makeup which is why they need really little bit of foundations. But as we apply the base makeup with a beauty blender following western culture, we need quite a lot of it as beauty blender tends to absorb the product.
  • Minimal eye makeup. Because they have small eyes, they believe over application of eyeshadow around eyes make their eyes appear more smaller. So, smoky eyes or cut crease are certainly not their best choice.
  • Very light and thin eyebrows to keep the look natural. Although now a days thicker eyebrow is the trend, they like their light natural brows.

So, basically these three points were the actual challenges for me. For me, eye makeup is the turning point of any makeover, and artistic eye makeup is what I live for, lol 😀 . But I did my best to reach a middle point of their choice and mine.

First Client: Kyungmi

I remember, I was literally shaking when I started her makeover. She was quite a friendly client, ha ha 😀 talking with me whole time, discussing the work, explaining what she would like. But also, she mentioned I could do some changes if I want. As, I have brown skin, I didn’t have any base makeup that would match their skin tone. So, I mentioned them about bringing their own base makeup. She already came putting foundations, so I only had to do the rest. I did a very soft half cut crease on her and combined it with a nude lips.

Second Client: Hwa-ni

Hwa-ni is a very pretty girl, who always mentioned about smoky eye. So, I thought may be she would like a smoky eye. But although everyone complimented her final look, she wasn’t really sure about it, and she kept asking everyone if she was looking like a panda 😀 . I totally understood her situation because everyone has a level of comfort zone in makeup, once you are out of it you would surely be confused. 🙂

Third Client: Hayan

Hayan was very strict about having a natural makeup, so I did a combo of natural cut crease with red lips on her. She was looking like red carpet star, totally ❤ !

Fourth Client: Haem

She chose one pink cut crease makeup from my instagram feed, and that’s exactly how I did the makeover on her. She was quite happy with the outcome!

Fifth Client: Mi-Jung

Mi-jung requested for a natural makeover as well showing a picture of one Korean blogger. I tried to follow it with a little modification.

Sixth Client: Yuri

Here comes my bonus client, who wanted a character makeover. My only male labmate who was so interested to have one makeover from me. He chose the theme by himself. I’m sure he is the most handsome dracula you would ever see 😉 I wish I would have some face paint to make it even more better.

Here’s our last picture together, the artist and all the models together (except Mi-Jung, she already left then). 🙂

That day I realized I actually can do makeover on other people. And 2/3 days later I went to visit my country Bangladesh, and there I practiced on my sister and sister in law. On my sister in law I did a Bangladeshi bridal inspired makeup. No, she was not actually getting married, but only posing as model. 😉 She wanted to see how she would look as a bride, so I made it happen with my wedding dress & jewelries.

But my sister wanted something different than usual. So, I chose a halo eyes with a combo of nude lips for her. She is one of the very prettiest girl I know and that makeover was even more good on her.

Both of them were so happy with their makeup. And now both of my family and my husband’s family think that I should stop what I’m doing right now and start taking necessary steps towards being a professional makeup artist. 😉

Here’s the list of the products I used for all these makeover:

Maybelline UK babyskin pore eraser

L.A. Girl Cosmetics hd pro concealer in orange & red

L a girl smoky eyeshadow collection

ETUDE HOUSE 에뛰드하우스 fix n fix primer
Etude House my little nut palette
Etude house face designing contour palette

Etude House bb matte cream

Etude house double lasting foundation

MISSHA 미샤 under eye brightening concealer
Missha vivid fix marker pen eyeliner
Missha cushion foundation 23
Missha pro touch face powder

Missha m radiance foundation

Anastasia Beverly Hills modern renaissance palette

BH Cosmetics take me to brazil palette

It’s Skin life color lip crush matte (‘girl’s way’ & ‘what the heaven’)
It’s skin babyface creamy lip liner 01, 02, 03 & 04
It’s skin babyface moisture bb cream
It’s skin nutrition bb powder
It’s skin babyface petit mascara

MAC Cosmetics matte lipstick in diva

토니모리 – Tonymoly gel eyeliner 01
Tonymoly cheektone powder p05
Tonymoly false lashes
Tonymoly easy touch lip liner 03

wet n wild matte lipstick (missy n fierce)

Catrice.cosmetics.hrvatska luxury lashes volume mascara

Colourpop liquid matte in beeper

Hope you enjoyed the post!

Munira Chowdhury, 25/01/2018

Naqia: Coconut Oil Review

It’s really freezing outside, here in Korea. The only problem I got with winter is it always ends up messing with my skin care routine. None of them seems to work anymore during these days. No matter how many times I moisturize my face, an hour later it starts feeling dry again. 😦

I just came back from Bangladesh, and while I was there, I received a sample coconut oil of one company, called Naqia, who wants my review on their product. The owner contacted with me in facebook first, and sent the product nearly 4 months ago in my home address in Bangladesh.

Naqia sells pure homemade coconut oil, which is edible and as well as useful for hair, skin and weight loss functions (according to owner).

After any kinda travelling it’s quite normal for skin to act dull and gloomy, specially when you have to travel for two days to get to the destination, which makes nearly four days of journey in less than one month. Naturally that affects your skin. So, when I came back here, after my visit to Bangladesh, I could clearly see, my skin was also tired like me and that it needed proper rest and attention, that is a better moisture care. So, as an experiment, I thought about using coconut oil on my skin. Although I never used coconut oil on my skin before, but I heard from my sister in law that coconut oil is a good moisturizer during winter. Also, the seller mentioned about Naqia Coconut Oil’s effectiveness about moisturizing. For last two days I am using this coconut oil on my face, neck and hands, and I’m really impressed by the result! My skin feels really soft and a lot smooth, and also less tired! Although the owner mentioned that this coconut oil can also be used for hair care and cooking purpose, but I think I will keep using it as a moisturizer.

My Thoughts:

Rating: 8.5/10

As I mentioned before, I am impressed by the moisturizing effect of this coconut oil. So, I would definitely recommend this to others who is dealing with the problems of dry skin.

Hope you enjoyed the post! If you are interested to buy this product you can contact here: https://www.facebook.com/naqia.pure/

Disclaimer: I received this product in terms of honest review. Everything expressed here is my personal opinion.

Munira Chowdhury, 21/01/2018

Handmade jewelry: How to make, what you need, and where you can find jewelry making supplies in Korea

Hello everyone! Hope you guys had an amazing weekend! To brighten up your Monday here I am with something I am obsessed nowadays, which is jewelry! 😆 I guess most of the women have a thing about jewelry. I usually buy a lot of lockets whenever there’s a sale in the nearby marts. But being a South Asian girl, I am more into heavy jewelry set with tiara/tikli kinda head-wear, layered earring etc. than single locket or earring. So, I was searching thorough ebay, the cheap ones there are not that good looking, and I would rather kill myself than to buy something out of my budget. Lol 😂😂😂 Yup, I am a scrooge, I know 😎

So, I was searching for the alternate, and suddenly I remembered my Lab-mate’s sister often makes small jewelries, for her class projects, so may be it would be available somewhere nearby. But I always have a busy schedule and a big fan of online shopping because of the fact that they send those things just in front of your door. So I searched in G market, one of the biggest online shopping site in Korea. And guess what, there’s a varieties of options! From copper wire, elastic wire, beads (from size 4mm to 10mm), even stones of different sizes and colors are available. So I placed my order two times! Because I didn’t realize at first how much I need and so the first supplies were a little  short. Anyways, the seller was really responsible and I received the package within 24 hours. Here’s what I made:

For the round disks in the middle of the earrings and tiara I used the copper wire. But in the necklace, I used one of my old bangles. For the pearl string I used a thick thread from Diaso. And in the middle to hold the 10mm beads, I used glue. I bought the glue gun from Diaso. The finishing was not really as good as professional though. But it was ok for me lol 😉 The necklace ends could be joined with a necklace hook, which is also available in G market. But as this was my first time and there were 7 layers, I couldn’t find a better way of putting a hook without making a mess lol 😂 I used a stud earring of a small pearl to hold the round disk first and then I attached the layer of strings later.

Beads/ stones, wires are sold in set/ singly depending on the size. The price range is in between 1000KW. Here’s another picture:

I had to use around 1200 of 4mm beads, around 500 of 6mm beads, and around 60 of 10mm beads. I used around 20 cubic ziroconia of 5mm, 70 of 2mm. One wire bundle is more than you need to make one complete set 🙂

Hope you enjoyed the post! Let me know of your thoughts! ♥

Munira Chowdhury, 06/11/2017

Charcoal Mask & Pack I Am Using

So charcoal mask is the newest hype in the beauty world! Almost every day we see those ad online where someone peeling off those charcoal masks of their face while pulling off those stubborn white heads, black heads and all the dirt and debris! To be honest I find those videos quite satisfying! ♥ But to tell the truth, you can achieve the “pulling off unwanted stuff” effect just the same with other things like gelatin or egg white. But the advantage of any ready-made pack or mask is you do not need any preparation there. Just take the amount from the tube and apply directly. These days have been busy, and hardly I find any time for taking care of myself. So, most of the times, I rely on store bought masks. Also the reputation of Korean skin care products helped me made my decision to give them a try.


The first charcoal mask/pack I ever used was from Freemen, Charcoal & Black Sugar Polishing Mask. I bought this one from Mustafa Centre, Singapore. The price was  5.6SG$. The texture of the mask is like a regular scrubber with tiny exfoliators. The instruction in the packet says to put it in damp face for 5/6 minutes and to massage slowly afterwards. Though if I’m running late, sometimes I keep it for like 2 minutes. And I still find it quite efficient as of 5/6 minutes time. The mask really does some good cleansing, specially for clearing out the dead cells and skin. For me, it is such a good scrubber. But, it doesn’t fully clears out the white heads and black heads from the root. But if you need a quick cleansing before going somewhere, this one is such a good option. I would recommend to use a moisturizer afterwards as it dries your skin out like any scrubber. I usually use it 1 or 2 times a week.

Next one is from Coibana, Nasnon Charcoal Pore Clear Pack. This one is a peel off pack. It has a gel texture. This pack does a better a job of clearing black and white heads than the Freemen mask, but honestly I believe with a gelatin mask you get the best result. But most of the gelatin contains pork fat, and because of being a Muslim, it’s not allowed for me. Halal gelatin are not always available and also they are quite expensive. Like for 30 grams, you have to pay nearly 3.5$. I bought this pack on sale, it was a 1+1 offer in 9$. So, you see this was quite budget friendly offer! The instructions in the pack says to keep the mask for 20~30 minutes in a damp cleaned face and to peel it off afterwards. If you want better action try to make a thick layer while applying, but keep in mind that it would take more time to get dry. When I first applied three days ago, I created a thin layer and it dried within 30 minutes. But, the pack was only able to take the top of  the white and black heads. Last night I applied a thick layer, while it did pull off some of the white and black heads from the root, it took nearly 45 minutes to dry.

If you closely look at the pictures, you will see tiny white dots in the peeled off mask in my fingers. It definitely doesn’t work the way as they show it on those online/ TV ads. But still I think it does a good job.

Hope you enjoyed the post!

-Munira Chowdhury, 31/10/2017

Three ways to do eyeliner


Not sure about everyone, but my favorite part of the makeup is eyeliner! ❤ Specially winged eyeliner. Learning how to apply eyeliner was not really easy for me, but I never stopped practicing. I had an advantage, which was I started practicing eyeliner with a liquid eyeliner. So, no matter how messy it got at first, but with time I learned it all. The fact about applying eyeliner is, it can smell your fear. So, always be calm and steady. Anyways, today I’m going to show you three ways to do your eyeliner with wings. Though in this tutorial, I will use a pen eyeliner, if you want to see with a liquid eyeliner or gel eyeliner, please check my other tutorials. I will post a link to my channel below, for your convenience. 🙂

This tutorial includes the following types:

1.Upper lash line eyeliner with inner and outer wing
2.Upper & lower lash line eyeliner with connecting inner and outer wing
3. Upper & lower lash line eyeliner with double wings

So, here’s the tutorial:


The eyeliner is from It’s skin, it’s top professional no smudge professional eyeliner. I used a pen eyeliner because it falls into my everyday makeup category, so for convenience and quick finishing, I used a pen eyeliner. The eyeliner is great, no doubt, but the tip is not thin enough, so you gotta be careful about that. :/

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial, let me know of your thoughts!

-Munira Chowdhury, 11/10/2017